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The Trickster shows up in various guises in mythology all over the world: as Coyote or the Sacred Clown in North American native cultures; as Hanuman the monkey god in Hindu mythology; as the Fool in European fairy tales. His job is to sow disorder and even madness, to poke fun at our pride and possessions, and to break down the barriers we think are real. But once those walls are shattered, we are open then to growth, change, and seeing things in a new way.

He certainly seems to be active in our culture and politics today. Whenever things seem to be going sideways at a great rate, he's there somewhere laughing.

This Trickster has Coyote's head, Hanuman's tail, and a sly grin hidden under the mask. His tail is wound in a spiral, symbol of kundalini energy, the crazy energy that brings on transformation.

Limited edition of 35.

"My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon."
- masahide