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vegetable soup

This piece began as a sketch I did years ago, but the carrot with the sunglasses and the peas splashing into the soup stuck in my mind. The other characters developed as the piece grew, along with an entire back-story which you may read or skip as you like. There are more coming in the series. The Secret Life of Food series will continue to explore what goes on in your fridge behind closed doors.


Meanwhile, here's the scoop on the soup:

Stanley was a skinny, smart carrot-top of a kid. Back when he was barely a sprout, he got tired of being stuffed into lockers by the Zucchini brothers. He hired Michael O'Brien, a.k.a."Spud" as his bodyguard. Spud was big and brawny and seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. Lucky for Stanley, he was loyal. With his help, Stanley made it through the high school blender in one piece.

Stanley used to be a sensation in Hollywood. By now he's a has-bean. He still makes the occasional B movie - horror flicks about irradiated veggies, genetically altered seeds and the like. He met Cheryl in a trendy juice bar. She's lean and green with legs that won't quit and nothing at all going on upstairs. Her main talent is the high-pitched scream, which she uses to great effect in their latest film, "Grills Gone Wild." Stanley still tries to look like he just stepped out of the crisper: he sports perpetual sunglasses and a bad comb-over. Sheryl has invested in - um - enhancements, but claims to live the organic lifestyle and spends hours in hydroponic therapy in a futile effort to stay fresh and crispy.

Stanley has a tough row to hoe. Lucky for him, Spud made a mint as a professional wrestler, and usually slips Stanley a little green when it's needed most. Spud married Celeste, a hot little Sicilian number with shady relatives and roots in the Old Country. Spud adores Celeste, a.k.a Early Girl. He treats her like the cream of the crop. That's good because if he didn't, Big Daddy Tomato and the (now-grown) Zucchini brothers would turn him into mashed potatoes. Instantly.

Spud and Celeste have one little sprout, Sweet Pea, but they hope someday to have a whole pod.

"Soup of the evening, beautiful soup!"
- lewis carroll: alice's adventures in wonderland